Frequently Asked Questions

What's the maximum number of guests I can have at a pARTy?
There is NO max for parties however, I do not provide easels for parties of 50 or greater.  

What if I need to cancel my pARTy?
In the event you need to cancel due to an emergency or illness, we will re-schedule the party for a later date. If re-scheduling is not desired and it is less than 7 days from the date of the party there will be NO REFUND given for the deposit. If it is greater than 7 days from the party then we will refund 50% of the deposit.

What if the teacher needs to cancel my party?
In the event that I am sick or an emergency arises and it is less than 48 hours before the party, I will gladly re-schedule the party for a time designated by the hostess. If that is not acceptable then I will fully refund all guests. (IT IS VERY UNLIKELY THAT THIS WOULD EVER HAPPEN.)

What do I need to provide at the party?

It's your pARTy so whatever you would like to serve your guest!  Most provide finger foods and drinks, but some do serve an entire meal. This is a very relaxed setting so people can move around and eat/drink as they want. 

At PUBLIC pARTys:  All you and your friends need to bring is your beverage of choice (wine is acceptable too), cups, snacks or appetizers...whatever your group decides on! It's a party so bring all the food and drinks you want! (Except locations that are at a restaruant or bar)

How long will the party last?
Every party is different.  It depends on the painting and the number of people at the party. Smaller parties tend to go a little faster and larger parties take longer. Typically you can expect to paint for 2-3 hours. Please have all guests arrive 10 minutes prior to party time so that we can begin on time...thanks!! 

Do you provide aprons?
YES!!! We do provide an apron for you to wear but we encourage you to wear clothes that you wouldn't necessarily mind getting messed up....the paint doesn't come out of clothes. :)