About the Artist

The artist Courtney Yoes and her two kids

Courtney Yoes - Growing up in the country north of Baton Rouge in the Felicianas, art was all around me. I knew art was going to be a huge part of my life as soon as I opened my first set of crayons and realized I could capture that sunset or draw all the beautiful trees surrounding me.  Most children enjoy coloring and creating "masterpieces" but I was hooked from my very first sketch. I signed up for every art class available from kindergarten through high school and, eventually, graduated with a degree in Fine Art specializing in drawing and painting from LSU in 2001. After college I focused primarily on black and white charcoals portraits but realized I missed the creativity that comes with painting. People often tell me I have a very vibrant personality and I enjoy bringing that out in my paintings.

After spending years in a solitary studio, I realized I had to find a way to combine my love of art, painting, and people and pARTy at Your Place was born. Teaching art to adults and children and seeing them discover their own talent and creativity has been immensely rewarding. I love it when I get an email saying that a student has just returned from a shopping trip to purchase all the supplies a budding artist might need. Many of my students don't think they are creative until they put brush to canvas, then, they are hooked! Many of my clients are repeat customers who can't wait to try a new subject or introduce their own family and friends to the joys of painting as well. Having seen how my own children took to painting on canvas I had to have a pARTy that was entirely for children. Once these little artists are finished they beam as they have created their own art.

pARTy at Your Place is not a paint-by-numbers operation - participants pick all their own colors and can draw their own subjects. My job is to guide and encourage my students to find their inner artist. Small class sizes in people's homes ensures a relaxed and  intimate atmosphere which releases people from their inhibitions and allows them the freedom to enjoy the experience. Being able to connect with each student during class is very important. Answering questions or even demonstrating how to hold a brush, helps in the process for these non-artists to feel comfortable around these materials they have no experience with. Once you leave my class you will feel very confident and proud of your masterpiece.

Painting will always be my first love (just don't tell my husband).